“No pants this year”: Kanye West shocked fans with Bianca Censori’s new style.

We haven’t gotten over the insider information yet that Kanye West treats his wife Bianca Censori like a sex toy, and the rapper has already managed to surprise us even more. And this is just the beginning of 2024… Yesterday he posted on Instagram* pictures of his half-naked beloved. Hinted that the rumors are true?

In the first photo, the model is posing in a thong, thin black socks and micro shoes. To keep her passion from freezing, West gave her a fur stripe on her chest and a black hat. Or is it a stocking? “No pants this year,” the rapper captioned the post.

The second image is a little more modest. Bianca wore a monochrome look – a leather corset with a very deep neckline, high boots and a trench coat. Kanye West dressed in the same style, but unlike his wife, he did not expose himself.

In October, an insider close to the couple told the Daily Mail that West had set a strict set of rules for the model. Allegedly, he forbids communicating with loved ones, talking in public, eating certain foods, and personally chooses clothes for her. Against this background , rumors arose that Bianca, at the request of her parents, temporarily broke up with the rapper and flew to Australia. However, soon the couple was spotted at a party in Dubai.

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