The small things make a big difference in the science of measurement

As technology shrinks to the nanoscale, measuring the things we can barely see becomes ever more important. Credit: ito Rito Succeed, Shutterstock Scientists must make ever more sophisticated measurements as technology shrinks to the nanoscale and we face global challenges from the effects of climate change. As industry works more and more on the nanometer … Read more

Can we decarbonize surgical healthcare?

In 2021, President Biden pledged to cut domestic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 50 to 52 percent by 2030. To achieve this target, the administration intends to reduce tailpipe emissions and boost the efficiency of cars and trucks. Plans to decarbonize buildings by supporting energy efficiency upgrades and electrification are also in place. However, another area … Read more

Brexit tensions mean Brits won’t get EU science cash, Brussels warns – POLITICO

BRUSSELS and LONDON – The European Union has confessed it is holding back funding for British scientists as punishment for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s threat to rip up parts of the Brexit deal. For as long as the spat over post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland drags on, Brussels won’t let the UK be … Read more

Encalife Ambience Galaxy and Star Projector Review

Specifications Size: 168.9 x 167.89 x 134.87mmBulb Type: LED and laserRotation: YesSleep timer: YesSpeaker: YesProjection Surface: 160 – 540ft Unlike other star projectors we’ve reviewed, it is pretty hard to find out any information about Encalife itself. As we understand it, Encalife sources and sells products that are designed to enhance the ambience of a … Read more

Scientists Uncover a Shady Web of Online Spider Sales

At first, it seems like any other unboxing video on YouTube: A young man presents the viewer with a sealed box, expresses his excitement at what might be inside and peels away the packing tape. But instead of pulling out a collectible toy or signature sneaker, he carefully unpacks seven live tarantulas, zooming in close … Read more

Beyond angry protesters and inked arms, there’s this First Nations story of the Southern Cross – one of unity and belonging

Southern Cross constellation in the night’s sky. (Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY) This article was originally published at The Conversation. The publication contributed the article to’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Samuel CurkpatrickResearcher and adjunct lecturer, University of DivinitySarah BacallerAssistant researcher, University of DivinityWanta Jampijinpa PawuArtistic director, Milpirri Festival, Lajamanu, Indigenous Knowledge Can … Read more

The science behind Texas barbecue | Livestock

As a proud third-generation pitmaster, Bryan Bracewell, Texas A&M University class of 1998, has a passion for Texas barbecue that is steeped in family tradition. Bracewell is the current owner of his family’s business, Southside Market and Barbecue, a barbecue restaurant and market that has served the residents of Elgin since 1882. It was this … Read more

Spin Keeps Electrons in Line in Iron-Based Superconductor

Resonant inelastic X-ray scattering reveals high-energy nematic spin correlations in the nematic state of the iron-based superconductor, FeSe. Credit: Beijing Normal University / Qi Tang and Xingye Lu Electronic nematicity, thought to be an ingredient in high-temperature superconductivity, is primarily spin driven in FeSe finds a study in Nature Physics. Researchers from PSI’s Spectroscopy of … Read more

Q&A: Talking God, science and religion with theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek

Frank Wilczek has a special fondness for rainbows. It’s not just the show-stopping, full-arc-across-the-sky rainbows that catch the Nobel laureate’s eye. He is equally transfixed by the array of color that shows up on soap bubbles, in sprays of water and in prisms. “There are rainbows all over the place, once you start paying attention,” … Read more

In the new Europe, ‘neutrality is no longer an option’

Credit: Wilfried Pohnke / Pixabay. The invasion of Ukraine continues to backfire on Russia politically. Instead of weakening Western alliances, as Russian President Vladimir Putin had hoped, the war had convinced former neutrals Finland and Sweden to seek membership in NATO. “The lesson here for European countries is that neutrality is no longer an option,” … Read more