Sophie Turner is suing Joe Jonas. Claims that ex-husband stole her children.
As it became known, Sophie Turner filed a lawsuit against her now ex-husband. The reason for this was the broken agreement between the ex-spouses regarding where their daughters would live after the divorce. So, according to the Game
56-year-old Vincent Cassel began an affair with a model who is like two peas in a pod like Tina Kunaki.
As it became known, Vincent Cassel started a new romance. At the same time, interestingly, Internet users unanimously call the new darling of the 56-year-old actor a younger version of Tina Kunaki . Whether this is really so and
The girl dreamed of becoming a model so much that she broke her legs twice to become taller.
Our today’s heroine, Theresa Fischer, woke up one day with the thought: “I don’t want to live with short legs anymore . ” This was the starting point of her long, difficult and expensive journey to achieve a
How a rich man and a young beauty proved that they are not together for money.
Love and relationships can be a difficult topic to talk about. And if you add in social norms and wealth, then even more so. Therefore, our topic today is very unusual and controversial: a billionaire married a
George Clooney remarried amid rumors of problems in marriage with Amal.
As it became known, George Clooney got married again. Interestingly, this happened against the backdrop of a crisis in their marriage with Amal . It would seem that the haters can rejoice, because the man has once again
Sandra Bullock’s fiancé, with whom she was happy for the last 8 years, has passed away.
As it became_known, on August5, Sandra Bullock’s57-year-old fiancé passed away. The American_actress and photographer_have been happy for the past 8 years. But they were never destined to grow old together. You see, Brian Randall struggled unsuccessfully
How well do you get along with others: visual test
Optical illusions are an amazing phenomenon. They can make us doubt what we see with our own eyes and change our perception of the world. Today I offer you one of these illusions. And it is not
Why the new swimsuit from Adidas caused a monstrous wave of indignation?
Instead of becoming a hit, the new swimsuit from Adidas ended up at the center of a huge scandal! This is not the first time that representatives of the world-famous sporting goods brand have encountered a negative
Britney Spears’ sons spoke to the public for the first time about their relationship with their mother.
As you know, the relationship between children and their parents cannot always be called ideal. Especially if regular scandals, illegal substances and even the world of show business are involved. For example, Britney Spears’ sons recently spoke out about
What Sophie Marceau, the main star of the French film “Boom” looks like today.
The embodiment of femininity, an icon of beauty, style and charm. This is exactly how they always speak about the main star of French cinema. Of course, we are talking about Sophie Marceau. You will learn with