Salma Hayek congratulated JLo on her birthday with a joint photo from 20 years ago

The day before came Jennifer Lopez’s 54th birthday. Looking at her photo, it’s hard to believe it, because she looks just as gorgeous as in her youth. The proof is a fresh post on Instagram* from Jen’s friend and part-time colleague Salma Hayek.

The actress congratulated her friend with a sweet archival photo from 20 years ago. On it are young and loving Ben Affleck and Lopez, Salma, as well as actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Susan Sarandon. “It (the photo) made me remember the days when we were told we couldn’t do anything. Then they said that we would not last long. Keep shining baby and enjoy every second,” Hayek wrote warmly.

And we are sure that Hollywood celebrities will shine for a long time. After all, years later, judging by the publication, there is fire in her eyes. And even the endless attempts of haters to notice a flaw on a star’s body or the diligence of the paparazzi to catch her in an unattractive appearance at the gym is not a barrier.

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