Bratz released dolls with the appearance of Kylie Jenner – fans of the brand are indignant.

It’s not just Laysan Utyasheva who inspires global doll_brands. The other day, Bratz_announced a limited_collection of toys with the appearance of Kylie Jenner – he announced this on his Instagram*. Each of the six mini versions of the celebrity_wears one of her iconic_red_carpet_looks, including a lavender_Versace_dress from the 2019_Met_Gala and a black corseted dress with a crystal crown from the 2022 Thierry Mugler show. The collaboration, by the way, is valuable not only for Kylie, a Bratz fan_since_childhood, but also for the company itself: this is the first collaboration with a celebrity in its history.

Everyone is happy: the company management, the star of the new collection and her fans, but not the fans of Bratz dolls. There was a real riot under the brand’s post. “You ruined everything by choosing her,” one user complained. “This is the biggest disappointment,” another echoed. Some were more vocal and noted that Kylie, with her reputation, denigrates dolls with a long history, while others added that they would not be against this collaboration at all if the model dressed less tastelessly. But, no matter what the haters shout, her competitor Bratz is still unlikely to be able to get ahead in popularity of Barbie, who is once again breaking all records. Even with Kylie Jenner’s appearance.

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