„I lost control of my muscles.“ Celine Dion’s sister spoke about the singer’s condition.

Claudette Dion, Celine Dion’s sister, has revealed_new_information on the singer’s ailment, which was diagnosed_with_stiff muscular syndrome_late_last_year.According to a relative, Celine Dion, 55, did not feel any better after losing_control of her muscles.

„There are cramps that are absolutely uncontrollable. You know how it feels to wake up in the middle of the night_with_cramps in your thigh or calf? It’s the same sensation, but in all muscles at the same time. „There’s not much we can do to help it, to relieve her pain,“ Claudette remarked.

„She works hard but is unable to control her muscles.“ What hurts me the most is because she has always been so disciplined.“

Despite her condition, the singer hopes of returning to the stage and does not rule out the possibility of doing so.Claudette stated that because the condition is little known, it is difficult to predict how it will progress.“The vocal cords and the heart are both muscles.“ That is what frightens me the most. Scientists haven’t done enough research because the incidence of this condition is one in a million, and it doesn’t affect that many individuals.“

Claudette earlier stated that Celine Dion does not yet use a wheelchair, despite the fact that her condition worries her loved ones.“We can’t find a single cure that works, but it’s important to have hope.“She went on to say that supporters give her a lot of letters and gifts, and that her followers‘ support means a lot to her.

Tight muscle syndrome is a central nervous system illness that produces gradual muscle rigidity and spasms, causing patients to resemble „living statues.“It is typically detected in women between the ages of 30 and 50.

Dion previously told fans that she had mobility issues and that this affects her voice, and in May she revealed on social media that she was canceling_her_Courage_globe_tour due to sickness.

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