Paparazzi spotted Bruce Willis seriously ill for the first time after news that he barely speaks.

His family—current and former spouses Emma Heming and Demi Moore, as well as daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah—tells fans how the “die nut” feels. The latest news about Bruce Willis’s health is, unfortunately, disappointing: the actor’s relatives recently statedthat every day could be his last. The star has almost lost his cognitive abilities – he can no longer read and practically does not speak. However, the other day the paparazzi caught Bruce in high spirits on one of the streets of Los Angeles.

Bruce was riding in a car with two guards. Paying attention to the looks of passers-by, the actor showed a gesture of peace – this moment was captured by street photographers to the delight of fans.

The photo seemed symbolic to fans: Emma Heming recently said that there is an experimental treatment for aphasia, a rare disease from which her husband suffers. Moreover, fans have long understood that information from insiders needs to be divided into two. While “Bruce’s acquaintances” say that the actor is dying, his 35-year-old daughter Rumer shares that the “tough nut” is well aware that he has become a grandfather and often spends time with a newborn granddaughter.

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