Shakira spoke emotionally about her broken marriage with Gerard Pique.

And although it seems that everything is in order in the pop singer’s life and she has definitely recovered from her divorce from Gerard Pique, in reality everything is different. Like changing gloves boyfriends Shakira still sheds tears over the loss and broken family. She spoke about this in a recent interview with Billboard.

According to the celebrity, before her ex-husband’s betrayal, she believed in the notorious “happily ever after,” just like in a fairy tale. However, we all know well: a magical ending in life is unlikely. “My priority was my home, my family. I believed in “till death do us part.” I believed in this dream,” Shakira admitted emotionally.


However, even a break with the football player did not allow the artist to completely give up on her belief in absolute love. She is still sure that such strong feelings exist. And even if everything with Pique didn’t turn out exactly the way she wanted, Shakira still has a crowd of fans – which, in fact, we can see by watching her run from one date to another .


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