New photos of Angelina Jolie with her daughter surprised and outraged Internet users.

Paparazzi follow Angelina Jolie literally everywhere. And every time their constant catch is a photo of the actress in the company of her children. And no dates or meeting with friends. The Internet is already worried: has one of the most beautiful women in the world really given up on her personal life? “Has Angie been on one date since she broke up with Brad? She’s like a mother duck leading a flock of ducklings,” Daily Mail readers write under recent photos of the star with her daughter. The publication’s photographers caught Angelina and 15-year-old Vivienne at the New York airport.

The footage caused conflicting emotions among fans. Some were surprised: the star looks unusually relaxed and carefree, even smiling and laughing, throwing his head back. Others were indignant: why, they say, the actress’s daughter wears a mask? Many began to feel sorry for the girl (probably those who are not yet aware of the new wave of Covid). And Daily Mail readers also think that Angelina’s daughter looks unhappy and anxious, and they blame the star mom for this.

Meanwhile, Angelina and Vivienne are busy with something they have in common: mother and daughter are currently working together on the musical “The Outsiders” on Broadway. It was probably on this occasion that they arrived in New York.

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