Taylor Swift fans criticized Olivia Wilde: what’s the matter.

The clouds have thickened over Hollywood, and thunder is about to strike, that is, a new star scandal. This time, the cat ran between singer Taylor Swift and actress Olivia Wilde, who the day before reposted one tweet on a banned network with the following content: “It would be better if Taylor Swift met a scientist who studies climate change.” Let’s explain what and how.

The country singer’s name has been making tabloid headlines lately due to her new romance with Travis Kelce, an American football player from the New York Jets. Not only do Taylor’s fans talk incessantly about her boyfriend, but environmental activists also suspect her of deliberately having an affair with the athlete, thanks to which she allegedly managed to divert attention from private flights on a personal jet (previously, celebrities were accused of her addiction to travel pollutes the planet too much: her plane, the indignants said, emits tons of carbon). We believe that Olivia, no less alarmed by the state of the planet, could not ignore the joke. Well, the Swifties didn’t stand aside either.

Taylor’s fans attacked Wilde with criticism and did not forget to remember that Harry Styles , with whom, by the way, both stars had an affair at different times, did not have an academic degree and seven spans in his forehead.

“Wasn’t she dating Harry Styles, or am I missing something?” “I understand, but… Who is Olivia Wilde to say such nonsense?! I don’t remember Harry Styles restoring the ozone layer when they were dating,” “Tired of Olivia Wilde. She thinks she’s bigger than she really is,” “Olivia Wilde should have just kept quiet… How many times did she fly abroad to visit her children, and especially to meet Harry… The carbon footprint was large,” they said users on the Internet.

There has not yet been a response from Taylor Swift herself, and this is not surprising, given that her candy-bouquet period with the football player is in full swing. But we’ll wait… Even more curious is what Harry Styles thinks about this, inadvertently involved in an environmental conflict simply because he turned out to be too charming.

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