Ryan Reynolds spoke about his anxiety and shared a way to deal with it.

Is it hard to imagine Deadpool in a meditative pose? Now we don’t, because the other day actor Ryan Reynolds revealed_his_way of dealing_with_anxiety – meditation; and, to be honest, it is simply impossible to imagine him doing this activity except in the red suit of an anti-hero from comics. However, jokes are jokes, but the matter is serious.

At an event organized in honor of Mental Health Day, the beauty’s husband Blake Lively admitted that sometimes he loses control of himself and time spent meditating in complete solitude helps him regain balance. “I definitely_have_little_rituals and things that help_me_stay_grounded and keep_my_mind from getting out of control. Sometimes I’m good at it, sometimes I’m not,” Page Six quotes him as saying.

In addition, Ryan shared that in real life he is completely different from the Reynolds we are used to seeing on screen. This, of course, is not at all surprising for a star of this magnitude, and yet the actor assures that deep down in his soul he is very anxious and nervous. However, as soon as he goes on stage or gets into the camera lens, he captures everything as if by hand. “In fact, I have suffered from anxiety all my life. And you know, I feel_like_I_have two_parts_of_my_personality, one of which takes over in the right situation,” the Green Lantern star added.

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