„I’ll never be 16 again.“ Adriana Lima posed for Harpers’s Bazaar and responded to criticism of her appearance.

Adriana Lima became the heroine of a cover story in the December issue of Harpers‘ Bazaar Arabia magazine. The model spoke about returning to the fashion industry, criticism of her appearance and raising five children.

2023 has become, in some ways, the year of the return of supermodels of the nineties and zeros. They became the heroines of documentaries, magazine covers, walked on catwalks and starred in advertising campaigns. Adriana Lima, 42, who claims her “real comeback will happen in 2024,” is one of them.

„I think there’s been a comeback of the supermodels,“ says Adriana. „Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of models not only from the 2000s, but also from the 80s and 90s, and I think it’s wonderful.“

The former Victoria’s Secret angel notes that such attention to models of the past is attracted by their bright personalities and character. „I don’t think we’re moving away from ‚thin, young and beautiful‘ entirely; I think the world is creating space for everyone – and everyone with their uniqueness is recognized.“

Changes in the industry in relation to older models also please Adriana because her eldest daughter, 14-year-old Valentina, wants to become a model. „And I would be very sad that she would only be celebrated at a certain point in her life as a model. I think every stage is a great time, and I love that fashion is now embracing that.“

Adriana recently faced scrutiny and criticism for her appearance when she appeared at the premiere of The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Netizens suggested that her face „looks changed.“ Later, the model responded to criticism on social networks by posting a photo without makeup with the caption: “This is what the face of a tired mother of three teenagers, one year-old active boy who is learning to walk, and three dogs looks like… Thank you for your concern.”

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” Lima replies. „I’m very strong, and honestly, I looked at myself before going out and felt great. I was with my kids and they looked at me and said, ‚Mom!‘ You look so beautiful!“

But the model notes that she was very surprised when she looked at the photos from that evening. „I was shocked when I saw them. I thought, ‚That’s not me.‘ „I’ll be 16. I’m 42 and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, the happiest I am with myself. I accept my age and I’m not going to change for anyone.“

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