Taylor Swift said Kim Kardashian „destroyed her psychologically“ during the singer’s conflict with Kanye West.

Taylor Swift, who was recently named Person_of_the_Year_by_Time, in an interview with the publication_criticized Kim Kardashian for “destroying_her_psychologically” and forcing her to hide from people during a long-standing public conflict with her husband Kanye West.

In 2016, Kanye West wrote the song Famous, which contained offensive lines about Swift: he sang that he could still sleep with Taylor, because he was the one who made her popular, making reference to their previous conflicts. After this, his wife Kim Kardashian published a conversation with Taylor Swift on social networks, from which it followed that the singer herself agreed to mention West in the song. According to Swift, Kim intentionally edited the conversation.

“She had a completely fabricated piece of an illegally_recorded_phone call that she edited and released to tell_everyone that I had lied,” Taylor said. After Kim_published_a_recording of the conversation, Taylor was hounded on social networks and forced to leave the media space.

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