Jennifer Lopez went out with Ben Affleck and confused fans with her outfit.

We continue the emotional swing with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, whose relationship is like a roller coaster: sometimes down, sometimes up, if you believe the rumors. At first, insiders say that the actor is beside himself because he constantly has to play the role of J. Lo’s driver, and the paparazzi catch them with gloomy faces, then the couple passionately kisses in a furniture store or on the red carpet.

However, the public’s interest in what is happening between Jen and Ben is cooling. How else can you explain the fact that right at the ELLE gala concert, the lovers staged a kissing scene (you definitely haven’t seen anything like this even in the best Hollywood melodramas), and all the attention of users was attracted only by the singer’s outfit? And we should be happy for Lopez – despite all the gossip, she and Affleck are doing well, but no! Fans are heatedly discussing the artist’s unusual dress, and they clearly don’t like it.

Readers of the Daily Mail found Jen’s futuristic image with a chrome bib to be, to put it mildly, unfortunate. What’s funnier here is that on a scale from 1 to 10, her outfit was rated a 0, but Ben’s was given a solid ten.

“What the hell is she wearing?” “The dress is terrible. Celebrity taste is getting worse these days,” “I love her, but this dress is not her best look,” “Disgusting outfit. This is more like a joke,” said ruthless commentators. This time there were no well-wishers – if there were any good words for Jennifer, they were marked with a “but” and a recommendation to change clothes.

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