24-year-old Lily-Rose Depp published racy photos with bare breasts – fans are disappointed.

Almost every day this summer, the tabloids reported about Johnny Depp’s heiress.Then Lily-Rose aggressively released backstage video from the pornographic series „Idol“ filming on her Instagram*.Finally, the film impressed the audience, but not with its artistry: critics described it in three words: „dirt“, „torture“, and „porn“.However, the young actress is unaffected by her father’s criticism.Lily-Rose was convinced that bad fame is also celebrity and she proceeded to upload filthy content.

True, after the series‘ failure, the model’s impassioned images no longer delight the public.The translucent shirt, which reveals the 24-year-old girl’s breasts, lace underwear, and knee socks, of course, drew attention, especially from the media, but they are now only writing negatively about the model.“Where are the parents looking?“ Daily Mail readers are curious.“Of course, you’re beautiful, but it’s too much,“ even her admirers are baffled.

And, by the way, Johnny is quite proud of his daughter.The actor is relieved that his heiress is not a nepotistic infant and is instead pursuing a career.Lily-Rose once stated that she does not remark on her father’s problems since she prefers to be judged by her own behavior.Let’s see how the model responds if her celebrity is cemented by yet another creative photo.

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