Paris Hilton showed the moment when her 10-month-old son found out that he was going to have a sister: cute video.

A couple of days ago, Paris Hilton shared the good news: she became a mother for the second time. The family of the star and her husband Carter Reum welcomed a daughter, who was named London. Paris, who received her name in honor of the French capital, strictly supports the tradition of city names – the couple’s 10-month-old son is named Phoenix (there is such a locality in Arizona). Both babies were born to the couple by a surrogate mother.

The boy learned that he would become an older brother at the Thanksgiving holiday. “Phoenix, we are going to surprise everyone and tell everyone that you have a sister. They fall off the chairs! Isn’t this exciting? I love you baby. Remember, the only rule of the Cutie Squad is that we all have to be good people. Agreed?“ – Carter asks his son off-screen while he sits on the sofa next to his mother and enthusiastically plays with wrapping paper. Well, who would have thought that the main party girl and socialite of the 2000s would become a supplier of such cute family content?
In another video, Paris holds the adorable baby in her arms and asks if he will look after his little sister. By the way, some subscribers heard a clear “No” in his baby talk. Don’t worry, Phoenix: if anything happens, the nannies will cover you! Well, your parents definitely have enough toys for everyone.
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