What Donatella Versace looked like before she became interested in plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is a very, very common practice in the modern world. People are ready to make any sacrifices just to look better, but they are not always justified. The legendary Donatella Versace is one example of unsuccessful trips to the surgeon, as many believe. The key figure of the fashion house is often criticized for his new appearance .

However, not all so simple. Nevertheless, today we will remember how the woman looked before all these operations. And at the same time, let’s remember a couple of interesting facts about her.

The Versace family had four children. Gianni died at the age of 50, Tina passed away completely at the age of 12. Donatella was the youngest in the family; today she has only her brother Santi. However, she was closest to Gianni, even despite their age difference.

It was with him that she went to Milan and helped start a new business. As the fashion designer himself recalled, Donatella was his right hand and main muse. She was the first to try on new outfits and help bring ideas to life.

At the age of 11, Donatella dyed her hair blonde after Gianni said it suited her better. Since then, she has never changed her hair color.

Gianni’s tragic departure was a turning point. Donatella, being very close to her brother, was very upset about his loss, but found peace in drugs. It was only after years of rehabilitation that she was able to regain control of her life.

The Versache company, by the way, was supposed to go to Gianni Allegri’s beloved niece, but the girl was only 11 years old. Therefore, Donatella took the family business under her wing, and later Allegri decided to do completely different things, finally transferring the company to her mother.

Around the mid-to-late 90s, Donatella decided to change her appearance. A series of plastic surgeries really changed her, but for the better? She herself says that in this way she wanted to create a kind of mask for herself in order to protect herself from the past and the world around her.

At 65, Donatella Versace remains an important figure in the world of high fashion. And her appearance may not be liked by some, but liked by others. It’s not really up to us to decide.

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