Why is everyone discussing Nicolas Cage’s fifth wedding? The actor’s previous marriage lasted only 4 days.

Famous actor Nicolas Cage married for the fifth time! Hollywood is discussing in every possible way the next wedding of an amorous artist. The wedding itself took place on February 16 in Las Vegas. Only those closest to the couple received an invitation to the ceremony. Journalists found out about the marriage only at the beginning of March 2021. Fans of the artist are wondering how long this romance of the loving Cage will last. You see, Nicholas’s personal life has always been difficult. Well, the actor entered into his previous fourth marriage in a completely insane state!

Nicolas Cage: amorous and eccentric

Cage’s first fatal love was Patricia Arquette . The then very young actress did not take the advances of her older colleague seriously. Patricia jokingly told Nicholas: I will become yours if you serenade me and give me a few special gifts. The beauty asked Cage for a black orchid, Sallinger’s autograph, a figurine from a restaurant and the wedding attire of a woman from the Lisu people, who live in China .

The actor got everything in the shortest possible time. Arquette was amazed, and the public realized that Cage was not to be trifled with . Overwhelmed by feelings, Nicholas can even take the Moon out of the sky. Alas, despite all this, the actor cannot be called a monogamous man. Cage’s explosive character, coupled with his pathological falling in love, led to the fact that there were many beloved women in the artist’s life!

The actor’s new love

Nicholas met his last lover, Japanese Riko Shibata , in 2019. Cage and Shibata quickly became a couple, things were heading towards a wedding, but then the pandemic made adjustments to the plans of the lovers. Rico left for her homeland, Nicholas remained in Nevada. For six months, Cage and Shibata communicated via the Internet, and then the actor got tired of it all.

Realizing that he couldn’t imagine his life without Rico, the man proposed to her during the next communication session. And as a sign of the seriousness of his intentions, he sent the beauty a ring with an unusual stone! “ Her favorite color is black. I found such a diamond, ordered a special engagement ring and sent it to Rico ,” Cage later said.

Nicolas Cage got married. Again!

Nicholas set the wedding for February 16 , the birthday of his late father. For the wedding ceremony, the bride chose a traditional Japanese kimono in her favorite black color. Cage remained faithful to the classic tuxedo, in which he looked very impressive. Having taken vows of fidelity to each other, the lovers went to celebrate with friends.


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It’s interesting that among those invited to the wedding were Nicholas’s third wife, Alice Kim , and the actor’s son from his third marriage, Kal-El. At one time, the separation of Cage and Alice was accompanied by a fair amount of hype in the press. Kim herself, however, did not tell anyone anything about the divorce. Over the years, Alice’s relationship with her ex-husband improved. Moreover, today Kim is called one of Cage’s most trusted people!

I want to believe…

However, fans of Nicholas himself are still worried about their idol . The actor’s new wife is four years younger than his eldest son! So fans are worried that this marriage will end in the same fiasco as the previous one. Let’s remember: Cage’s fourth marriage lasted only four days! As for the fifth… As they say, we’ll wait and see!

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