How Jennifer Aniston managed to stay friends with her ex.

Everyone has their own story with their exes: some part as bitter enemies, others maintain warm relations or at least respect for the person. For celebrities, moments of separation are special because the whole world will discuss it later. Today we’ll talk_about_how_Brad_Pitt and Jennifer_Aniston broke up. They divorced_many_years_ago , but recently fate brought them together to work on one project. Jennifer then shared her feelings about this in an interview.


Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Much water has passed under the bridge since_Friends_star_Jennifer_Aniston was married to handsome Brad Pitt. They married_in_2000_but_divorced_five_years_later. The separation turned out to be quite painful , and the press savored every detail when discussing the former spouses. Today, Jennifer says that she has mastered the art of being friends with her exes. She told Howard Stern about this, writes People .

Jennifer Aniston_says_she_and_Brad_Pitt remain friends. The ex-spouses communicate with each other, and the actress does not see anything strange in this. The 52-year-old Friends star reunited with her ex on a work project. Together with Pitt, they took part in a reading of the play Fast Times at Ridgemont High. There they portrayed two lovers: Linda and Brad.

The actress said that there is no awkwardness between them about this. In addition, she added that she even had fun. „We had fun and it was for a great cause, CORE (Sean Penn’s non-profit relief organization).“

History of the couple’s relationship

After the breakup, the actors saw each other more than once. Of course, stars of this magnitude will in any case intersect at the presentation of any award. The actor of “World War Z,” “Fight Club,” “Troy,” “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and other top-rated films even appeared with Jennifer in an episode of the TV series “Friends.” The exes have since rekindled their friendship .

In 2019, Jennifer Aniston_celebrated_her_50th_birthday. She also invited her ex to the celebration . Insiders claim that Jen didn’t know for sure whether Brad would come. But when he showed up at one of the Los Angeles restaurants where the celebration was taking place, the actress was very happy. Pitt and Aniston also shared a joyful moment at the 2020_Screen_Actors_Guild_Awards.

Jennifer Aniston’s personal life after breaking up

After her divorce from Pitt and his alleged infidelity with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston married for the second time : to 49-year-old Justin Theroux. Eternal love did not work out for them either . But they remain on friendly terms and continue to communicate via FaceTime. Jen told People that she doesn’t want to walk down the aisle again, but hopes to find a „fantastic partner.“


The actress just wants to meet her man and live with him for her own pleasure. She believes that it is no longer necessary to enter into an official_marriage . Moreover, this is no longer new for Jennifer.

Do you think it’s easy to maintain_warm_relationships with your exes, like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did?


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