„I’m a woman with curves.“ Why Monica Bellucci doesn’t strive to be skinny.

Monica Bellucci has long accepted her age and the fact that youth is not eternal. The 57-year-old star still attracts admiring glances, because she is like good wine – she only gets better with age. Recently, Monica Bellucci showed in a new video that it is too early to write her off. The actress chose a bold, but very elegant look , which she complemented with successful accessories. Now we will show what came out of this.

Monica Bellucci in a new video

Monica took part in a new project of the jewelry brand Cartier . They shot an atmospheric video that conveys the spirit of the upcoming holidays. Monica Bellucci took part in the filming of the video, which was called “Love Is All,” along with other celebrities. Among them were Lily Collins, Maisie Williams, Troye Sivan and others. In total, 12 famous friends of the Cartier brand appeared in the video. But, no matter how young and beautiful Lily and Macy were, it was difficult for them to outshine Monica Bellucci.

Monica’s image for the Cartier video

Monica is not trying to look young at all , as many celebrities do who are over 40. The actress has long found her own style and looks gorgeous in it. Most often these are laconic black things, which Monica successfully dilutes with carefully selected accessories.

So it is in the new video: Monica appeared in a luxurious floor-length dress . It would seem that there was nothing supernatural in the outfit. But one detail made it special, namely the open back . It looked simply stunning. Probably, not everyone even immediately noticed what the actress was actually advertising – Cartier jewelry. It was a massive necklace in the shape of a snake, as well as a ring with a colored stone. It all looked very harmonious, because there were no bright accents on the dress as such (except for the back, of course). Therefore, jewelry correctly complemented the image.


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“Divine woman”, “Queen”, “Very beautiful. Wonderful, captivating, fantastic, bewitching, spectacular, extremely passionate, dazzling diva from Italy. I don’t know what other words to choose. You are incomparable and unique,” ​​“ The standard of female beauty ,” write enthusiastic fans on the Internet.

Monica Bellucci’s views on growing up and age

The Malena star is all for naturalness . She realizes that the body changes with age. But the actress accepted it completely. She says she wants to age naturally and is sticking to it. Yes, Monica takes care of herself. But she didn’t do millions of plastic surgeries, beauty injections, and so on.

In addition, the woman who is the standard of beauty for millions of fans commented on her figure. For many, its forms are also standard. True, there are those who consider Monica not slim enough. On this matter, Bellucci says that she does not depend on such opinions.

“I don’t depend on it. I’ve always been a woman with curves, I’ve never been skinny, I have that kind of constitution.”

Do you like the style, shape and appearance of Monica Bellucci? Do you like films with her participation?

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