What mistake did Angelina Jolie make when adopting a Vietnamese boy, Pax?

Journalists sold the first photo of Angelina Jolie’s middle son Pax for $2 million. This is 8 million less than what the paparazzi received for pictures of Shiloh, and 12 million for photos of twins Vivienne and Knox. Eh, guys sold on the cheap. They didn’t know that later, when Pax grew up, it wouldn’t be so easy to watch for him and get fresh pictures. Of all the children of Angelina and Brad, Pax Jolie-Pitt most often remains in the shadows . What can I say, he doesn’t like publicity so much that he didn’t even go to his own graduation. What’s the matter: the paparazzi or some kind of childhood trauma that haunts Pax?


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Pax Jolie-Pitt: is it good for him to be quiet

Pax was born in 2003 in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City). Pham Kwan Sang is the boy’s name at birth. The mother, who was on illegal substances, abandoned her newborn two days after he was born . Pham Quan Sang went to an orphanage, where he lived for several years. In 2007, Angelina Jolie was in Southeast Asia. In addition, she had the intention of adopting another child. At that time, Angie had already accepted Zahara and Maddox into the family. Having learned the heartbreaking story about a boy from Ho Chi Minh City and his plight, the actress seemed to have no hesitation at all. She immediately decided that Fam Kwan Sang would go with her to the States.


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No one disputes that Jolie did a good deed. But eyewitnesses of the adoption recall one nuance that the actress now tries never to mention. Angelina was in such a hurry to take the baby to her country that she didn’t even talk to him. Yes, everything was fine with documents and questions regarding adoption. But in this commotion, the boy was completely forgotten.

When Angelina came to pick up Pax, he wasn’t ready for it. The boy burst into tears and literally became hysterical. He didn’t want to leave . At this age, it is very important to prepare the adopted child for the move and introduce him to his parents and other family members. But for some reason Jolie ignored these nuances. Of course, the shelter workers tried to calm the baby down and explained to him that a new loving family was waiting for him. Did it work on a 4 year old? Maybe they managed to calm him down, but such a long, forced move clearly left its mark on the boy’s life. He also received a new name in his new family – Pax, which means “peaceful sky” and “reliability”.


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How did Pax Jolie-Pitt grow up?

Since childhood, Pax grew up as a rather secretive child . He didn’t like the public and didn’t want to be the center of attention. While Angelina Jolie and her other children made social appearances, Pax most often stayed at home. Once he was already torn from his place, and so abruptly. Therefore, he did not want such activity anymore.


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For a long period, Pax completely disappeared from the media radar. Journalists wrote about Zakhara, Angie’s most militant child, about Maddox, who played a big role in the divorce of Angelina and Brad. A lot has been heard about Shiloh and her decision to become a boy. News also appeared about Vivien and Knox: how the girl played Maleficent with her mother, or how Knox began to learn sign language. There is only silence about Pax . To be honest, according to insiders, this did not upset the young man one bit, but even made him happy. After all, he absolutely did not want the press to write anything about him.


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Now Pax is 18, he continues to lead a secretive lifestyle. The young man even missed his graduation, just so as not to be seen in public once again . He is very attached to Angelina, he considers it his duty to constantly protect his mother. Fans remember the video that once hit the Internet. Angelina and Pax were crossing the road. As soon as she stepped onto the roadway, her son abruptly stopped her and turned her back, and then a car rushed next to them. The boy’s attentiveness and care then amazed Internet users. Indeed, Pax is always ready to defend his mother, even if he has to oppose his father.

What role did Pax play in his parents‘ divorce?

When talking about the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they remember Maddox more . The eldest son of the family became the trigger in the relationship between Jolie and Pitt. The young man recently testified in court against his father. The media also wrote that when it came to the divorce, Maddox had a conversation with Pax , after which the latter completely took his mother’s side. Pax, by the way, was also ready to speak in court, but then he was a minor – he was not given the floor.


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The relationship between Pax and his adoptive father is now tense . Brad Pitt recently celebrated his birthday, but insiders say that Pax did not congratulate his father. But he was seen shopping with his mother. This is a rather unusual event, because Pax hates being caught by the paparazzi. But he stood it stoically and walked with Angelina through the streets of Los Angeles with the bags.

Now Pax is in a crucial period. It’s time for him to choose his future path into adulthood. He, like Maddox, would like to study in Seoul, but it’s hard for him to leave home and the people who have become family to him. In addition, Pax has not yet decided what profession to choose. But the guy is sure that he doesn’t want to be a public person.

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