“Being yourself is what matters.” Kate Winslet took off her makeup right in front of the camera, delighting fans.

It happens that you look at all sorts of famous women and think: “Yes, of course, it’s easy for them to talk about feminine strength and beauty, sitting with their hair and makeup done by an army of stylists.” Celebrities have every opportunity to look their best. But a woman’s strength is not in how she looks! And Kate Winslet said this. Her manifesto “I am worth it” is very powerful and motivating words that give you goosebumps. In addition, Kate Winslet appeared without makeup in her speech. Thus, she powerfully proved that female strength does not depend on appearance, age and profession.

Kate Winslet without makeup and embellishment in the “I am worth it” manifesto

Kate Winslet presented her manifesto as part of the L’Oreal Paris i’m Worth it. The actress is a brand ambassador, like many other celebrities, in particular Amber Heard, Celine Dion, Jane Fonda, Elle Fenning and others.

“I deserve it. I’m very pleased to say this. This phrase is pure magic. Beauty is considered by many to be a superpower. But someday beauty ends . Therefore, it is really important for all of us to understand how to feel worthy. Without all this [points to makeup and hairstyle] ,” the actress began her speech with this.

Kate Winslet emphasized that she does not always look luxurious – with a beautiful hairstyle and makeup. However, like any other woman. Therefore, you need to understand that power is not in beauty, because the beauty is unstable and ignorant. In the video, Kate is very open and honest, as always. And in order not to be unfounded, the actress immediately begins to collect hair and wash off makeup right in front of the camera . She does it completely fearlessly, because Kate had long realized that she was worthy of something not because she looks.


In her speech, the actress talks about many important issues: growing up, physical fitness, excess weight. But the main thing is about the problem of self-identification in this world . A person must understand who he is. Moreover, he must be able to be himself, regardless of his appearance, age, nationality or profession.


“I deserve it, which means I have the right to be myself”

Being yourself is the most important thing. Not the cost of your handbag, not your manicure or haircut, not your face and body. “Whatever our differences and however we define ourselves, in unity and acceptance we can become stronger . Let’s support each other, celebrate each other. And let’s agree: with or without makeup, be yourself. Being your authentic self is what matters.”

Kate invites every woman to stand in front of the mirror, throw away all her problems and complexes and say loudly to herself: “I am worth it.”

Kate Winslet backs her words with actions every day

Many people can speak beautifully, someone might think. But Kate Winslet perfectly reinforces his words with actions . When she starred in the series “Meyr from Easttown” , in one of the scenes the actress noticeably bulged his stomach. The creators of the series were going to correct this moment a little and the figure of Kate to serve on the chic side. But the actress insisted that they did not do this. She is she, and not a picture created by a program. Her stomach is her stomach, so let her stick out on the screen, if in life it is true.

We know very well what retouchers are capable of today . Any woman in the picture, after the retoucher works his magic on her, will look like a queen. But Kate Winslet forbids retouching her photos; she is very categorical in such matters. The actress, for example, asks to always leave her wrinkles in the photo. We admire Kate and are very grateful to her that in this way the star is doing her bit in the fight against all these plastic beauty standards.

How problematic do you think the issue of beauty standards and beauty in general is in the modern world?

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