“Show the child to the doctor!” Why Paris Hilton’s son’s appearance scared people.

As you probably know, many celebrities are the subject of ridicule among Internet users. What can we say, caustic comments even reached Keanu Reeves . However, today the target of haters is a child. You see, Paris Hilton showed off her son, who is already 10 months old. The model is incredibly proud of her child. But users, apparently, have slightly different opinions about it. What happened and why the socialite had to react to this, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Paris Hilton showed off her son

Not all stars often publish pictures of their heirs. This includes Paris Hilton. Of course, this does not mean at all that the socialite does not love her son. Quite the contrary, the model protects him from a cruel and unfriendly world. And today’s topic is clear proof of this.

You see, after Paris Hilton showed off her son on her Instagram blog , a real portal to hell opened in the comments. But perhaps first we should discuss the pictures themselves, right? So, in the frame the model appeared in a black shiny maxi dress with dropped shoulders. The 10-month-old baby nestled in the arms of his star mother.

By the way, his outfit was no less stylish. So, Paris chose a Burberry T-shirt with a signature checkered print for him. There were also small sneakers from the same brand. “My precious angel Phoenix came to New York for the first time ,” reads the caption to the photo. And, of course, a charming smile and clear blue eyes could not leave anyone indifferent. But this is where it’s worth remembering the commentators.



„What’s wrong with you?“


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You see, some of them clearly lacked tact. For example, comments about the size of his head appeared under photographs of Hilton and her son. Moreover, someone even advised the model to consult a pediatric neurosurgeon in order to get rid of such a distinctive feature. However, such users clearly did not take into account that the majority of Paris’ fans would turn against them.

“How can people bully a child? What’s wrong with you? This is just a child”, “You are a wonderful mother, and your son is perfect. Ignore the haters”, “Adults are bullying a child. You should be ashamed.“ Of course, such a reaction is quite understandable. After all, there are even those who advise Paris to paint her son blue for Halloween (a reference to the cartoon “Megamind”).

„Sick people“

Paris Hilton was clearly not going to tolerate something like this towards her son And so she soon hastened to respond to all these attacks. “There are sick people in this world. My angel is completely healthy. And yes, of course, he saw a doctor, he just has a big brain,” the model assured.

It is worth noting that Hilton’s son was born in January 2023. The boy was born thanks to a hired surrogate mother. At the same time, interestingly, Paris and her husband are incredibly proud that they managed to keep everything secret until the birth of the child. The socialite herself does not hide the fact that she is incredibly proud of Phoenix and calls him “her precious angel.” Moreover, the model likes the role of the mother so much that she is already thinking about having a second child.

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