Pick up a pen for this short psychological exam that will reveal your positive and negative character qualities.

Many of us are not conscious of our habits.However, how we hold a pen while writing can reveal a lot about our inner selves, temperament, conduct, and good and negative personality qualities.What are they?Take this little quiz to find out.

How you hold a pen reveals hidden personality features

Option 1: Use your thumb, index, and middle fingers.

If you hold a pen between your thumb, index, and middle fingers, this indicates that you may be both analytical and emotive depending on the situation.

You also:

  • logical and analytical most of the time;
  • know how to analyze critically and solve difficulties
  • Do you want to work in science, technology, or business?
  • At the same time, you are very emotional, capable of profound empathy and compassion;
  • you may be drawn to careers in the arts, humanities, or social services.

In general, you respect stability and structure, however this does not preclude you from enjoying spontaneity if it is accompanied by some order.You frequently give insightful counsel, have tremendous willpower, and mental stability, which makes you a trustworthy individual.People regard you to be both down to earth and mysterious.You can lose your anger and get into intense discussions, but you never complain or upset others.

Option 2: Index and middle fingers overlap the thumb.

If you hold your pen such that your thumb is on top of the others, you are an emotional, intellectual, and expressive person.

You also:

  • know how to make close contact with others – you are the one who will always support and listen;
  • emotions frequently overwhelm you – as a result, you can overanalyze and overthink;
  • you are sometimes easily influenced by others;
  • you experience anxiety in stressful situations and relationships;
  • you enjoy the company of like-minded people – but not those who keep you in the dark.

In general, you are highly ambitious and seek for professional achievement.You have a vivid imagination and many ideas, which you frequently bring to reality.You’ll make an excellent producer, writer, artist, and musician.Furthermore, while you can flourish in new fields, you do not accept tedious labor and routine.