If you want to challenge your brain and see if you are super attentive and quick-witted, try solving a puzzle about women who decided to water their gardens with water from the river.

It depicts two old women who came with watering cans to the river to collect water for irrigation. In 1 minute, you need to understand which of the women carries more fluid, says jagranjosh.com.

When solving the problem, you will need not only attentiveness and ingenuity, but also some knowledge from the field of physics. Time yourself and try to figure out what the correct answer to the puzzle is.

If you still can’t figure out what’s going on, we’ll explain everything to you. You may have noticed that the woman on the left has a larger watering can, but this does not affect anything. The spouts of both watering cans are at the same height, and the water level cannot be higher than the spout according to the law of connected vessels. Thus, the amount of water in women’s watering cans is the same.