What terrible incident led to Jolie and Pitt’s divorce?

The story of the_separation_of_Angelina_Jolie and Brad Pitt still cannot_become a thing of the past. Recently, new dramatic details appeared in it. Jolie_famously_filed for divorce_in_2016 after a hectic flight with Pitt and the children. They traveled from France to Los Angeles on a private_jet. But it all ended very unpleasantly. FBI_reports published by Rolling Stone shed light on what happened between the spouses . After that situation, it becomes clear why Brad Pitt and Angelina_Jolie_broke_up.

Why_did_Brad Pitt break up with Angelina Jolie: the actress’s version

It was a trip on a private jet in September_2016 that led Angelina Jolie to_file_for_divorce_from_Pitt a few days later . What could have happened on board?

The actress told the FBI that Brad Pitt_yelled_at_her during the flight. He also “grabbed her by the head, shook her, pushed_her_into_the_bathroom_wall and punched_her_several_times into the ceiling of the plane . ” Such actions frightened not only the actress, but also the children – all six offspring were on board. One of the heirs commented on his father’s behavior. Angelina says Brad was called a „jerk.“ This angered the actor even more.

Reports say Brad „lunged toward the minor as if he was about to attack . “ Angelina tried to protect the child. She jumped up and grabbed Brad’s neck with her hands. Yes, this all sounds incredible, like a scene from a sensational action movie. However, this is exactly the version the actress shared with experts. But that’s not all.

How did the “fight” on board the plane end?

When Jolie grabbed Pitt by the neck, he threw her into the seats. Angelina claims that as a result of this she injured her elbow and back . Also, after the flight, the actress developed a burn wound on her right hand. And Brad Pitt has scratches.

To be honest, I can’t wrap my head around how this could happen between normal adults, even in front of children. Perhaps the reason for this was alcohol . Angelina said that during the flight, which lasted an hour and a half, Brad drank various alcoholic beverages. There was a time when the actor spilled beer on his wife, also wetting her blanket. Wine on the plane also flowed freely, literally. Jolie shared that Brad spilled $25,000 worth of wine!

It is worth noting that Pitt later admitted to GQ that he did indeed drink too much and quit drinking after the incident. A source close to the actor said that there really was an argument on the plane. Brad had a fight with his eldest son Maddox . “He [Brad Pitt], of course, could have behaved better, but there was no physical violence against the teenager ,” the insider assures.

The incident shook the emotional state of Angelina Jolie

The actress shared that her husband’s behavior scared her very much . At that moment, she could not believe that all this was happening in reality. Angelina felt like a hostage on board the plane. She also told the FBI that she suggested that Pitt take the children to a hotel after the flight so that the guys could sleep and relax. But the actor began shouting again: “You won’t take my damn children . ” This phrase allegedly came from the mouth of Brad Pitt, according to Jolie.

It is interesting that Angelina did not bring charges against her husband. But a few days after the incident, she filed for divorce. It was possible to end the marriage without any problems, but the issues of child custody remained controversial. Of course, the couple’s fans were upset when they learned about their idols’ divorce. But if the couple really reached such incidents, then it is difficult to imagine another scenario.

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