Hugh Jackman heals wounds from divorce in the arms of a young singer.

As it became known, Hugh Jackman was caught with a young singer. And, not surprisingly, the Internet immediately began to attribute to the performer of the role of Wolverine an affair with his fellow countrywoman. However, some users do not believe that the actor moved away so quickly after his divorce from Deborra-Lee Furness . Whether this is really so and what insiders say, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Trying to unwind after divorce

It’s probably no secret that Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness were happily married for almost 30 long years. Alas, even this celebrity couple was forced to go through a divorce. It is worth noting that although the couple broke up on a friendly note for the sake of their two children and the years they had lived together, the Wolverine star does not hide the pain of the breakup.

As a result, paparazzi increasingly began to notice Jackman at various events. Fans believe that in this way the man is trying to distract himself from the divorce process. After all, as you know, Hugh was sure that it was with Deborra that he would meet the sunset of his years. Alas, fate had its own plans.

Hugh Jackman was caught with a young singer

For example, not long ago the actor spent the weekend in the company of Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Taylor Swift. Celebrities were spotted at the Kansas City Chiefs game against the New York Jets. Later, Hugh Jackman was even caught with the young singer. You see, the Aussie is famous for his love of Broadway. And, of course, he couldn’t miss the musical Hadestown, which stars Betty Hu.

“My fellow countryman! Thank you for coming to Hadestown and being so kind!” — the singer signed the published frame with Jackman. And, as you might guess, the Internet immediately began to attribute an affair with the young artist to the actor. “Hugh heals his wounds from his separation from his wife in the arms of a friend,” writes one commentator.

Nothing more than friends

It is worth noting that 32-year-old Betty was indeed one of the few who supported Jackman after his divorce from Furness. But it’s clearly not worth talking about any romance, as Internet users crave. You see, the only thing that links their friendship, according to insiders, is Broadway and musicals. You see, the Australian actor not only loves watching them, but is also quite popular as one of the performers on the theater stage.

“They are really good friends who hope to one day work together in a theater show or musical,” insiders tell reporters. Moreover, according to them, the Australian singer is happily married. And Jackman himself probably couldn’t move on so quickly after the divorce. Moreover, Hugh’s friends believe that the man is literally devastated and it is not so easy for him to survive such a stage of life.

Perhaps the actor’s emotions are quite understandable. It’s not for nothing that he spoke warmly about his wife in every interview. “Two weeks after meeting Deb, I realized that we would be together until the end of our days,” Hugh once admitted to reporters. It is worth noting that during these 27 years there have been many joyful events in the marriage of celebrities. But the brightest stars were the adoption of a boy and a girl. It’s a pity that this love story remains unfinished…


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