Elon Musk promised to burn down the Warner Bros. studio if Amber Heard was fired.

As it became known, Elon Musk seriously helped Amber Heard with her work. We are talking about filming the second part of the film “Aquaman”, which will be released in December 2023. But how could a billionaire influence the Warner Bros. film studio? and what details became known thanks to Amber herself , you will find out with us in the next few minutes.

Fire and forget?

It is perhaps incredibly difficult to find a person who has not heard about the trials of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp . And if you think that only the main pirate of Hollywood encountered problems in the cinema after the slander of his ex-wife, then you will be deeply mistaken. See, we might never see Mera in Aquaman 2.

Of course, the official version of how to fire Depp’s ex-wife from a superhero movie is the lack of chemistry between the actress and her co-star Jason Momoa. Moreover, conversations about this allegedly began even before the trials. But Hurd herself, interestingly, unleashed all the dogs on Johnny.

Elon Musk helped Amber Heard

You see, interested observers of the trial were not too lazy to raise the necessary amount in order to publish the notes of the scandalous actress’s therapist. And, of course, it was in them that very interesting details appeared from the working environment of Depp’s ex-wife. For example, it turned out that it was Elon Musk who really helped Amber Heard with the filming of Aquaman 2.

The thing is that the billionaire, who dated the actress from 2016 to 2018, threatened to literally burn down the Warner Bros. film studio. in case they fire Amber. And, as you can already guess, the company’s owners did not want to make enemies in the person of the Tesla founder. And therefore, as it is popular to say today, they “bent in” to Musk’s wishes.

Who to believe?

Alas, Heard’s own adventures did not end there. From the notes mentioned above, it also became clear that the actress was forced to endure bullying from Jason Momoa and the director of the film, James Wan. So, the first one, according to Amber , often came to filming drunk. Moreover, the man allowed himself to dress like Johnny and even asked to fire his colleague.

Van, in turn, often raised his voice at the actress. What can we say, Amber was exclusively banned from publishing any information about the film on social networks. Members of the set were completely prohibited from taking pictures with Heard.

This all sounds terrible, doesn’t it? All you have to do is hear the opinions of DC insiders and representatives and you will change your assessment of events. You see, both Momoa and Van are consistently called professionals in their field who behave decently. And Jason himself is known for his bohemian outfits. At the same time, the actor is not averse to knocking back a glass of foam exclusively during non-working hours. The insider also admitted that the man and Heard got along quite well and even joked during filming.

So who to believe in this situation? Jason Momoa with James Wan? Or Amber Heard, who was caught lying more than once during her legal proceedings with Depp? The answer is perhaps quite obvious.

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