Suffering from aphasia, Bruce Willis rewrote his will. Who will get the actor’s fortune?

In March 2022, Bruce Willis, the legendary Die Hard, celebrated his 67th birthday. And after a while he suddenly announced that his career was over. The audience was alarmed , feeling bad. It soon became clear that the famous actor suffered from aphasia, a disorder that affected the legend’s brain. At the same time, in the spring of 2022, Bruce made a will . And now, in December, I unexpectedly rewrote it! Moreover, Bruce Willis’s new will looks very suspicious…

The will of Bruce Willis. Who will get what?

Actor’s Condition

Bruce Willis’s career began to decline 10 years ago. And in recent years, the famous actor has acted a lot, but only in second-rate films. Moreover, he chose roles that required literally 2-3 minutes to be on the screen. Advertising for such films focused on the image of Willis!

Critics, understandably, spat venom. For the Golden Raspberry anti-award in 2022, they even introduced a separate category “Last year’s worst film with Willis”! However, the laughter and mockery subsided in the spring. It turns out that after learning about aphasia , the actor worked like hell to provide for his family and relatives. And he saved a lot, as much as $250 million !

Big family

For anyone, such an amount would be the ultimate dream. Bruce, even with tens of millions in his account, worked with all his might. You see, the actor has five children, all of them daughters . Of course, we are not talking about the size of the dowry; we are not living in the Middle Ages. But my father definitely wanted to provide for the young ladies with dignity.

But, in addition to five daughters, Bruce also has two wives, one former, the other current. Normal relationships after divorce, even in Hollywood, are an unimaginable rarity. But Willis has always been the exception to the rule. Die Hard still counts Demi Moore among its close friends. Bruce even visited his ex’s wedding ! And he invited her to his new wedding.

Last will

The famous actor, like many of his colleagues, made a will a long time ago. The man periodically made adjustments to it, but it had never come to radical changes before. But in December 2022, representatives of the “hard nut” made an extraordinary revision of the document!


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Публикация от Emma Heming Willis (@emmahemingwillis)

Experienced paparazzi sniff out possible sensations. Therefore, journalists immediately followed the lawyers, trying by hook or by crook to get at least some information regarding the latest changes in the will. The results of the investigations were highly unexpected. It turns out that now there is no mention of Willis’s ex-wife in the document !


Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


Публикация от Emma Heming Willis (@emmahemingwillis)

Journalists do not know whether Demi Moore was owed anything in the previous edition . But now Bruce Willis’s will looks like this. The man left three daughters from a previous marriage, Rumer, Scout and Talulah, a million dollars each. And the lion’s share of the remaining fortune will go to his second wife, Emma Heming, and Willis’s two daughters from his second marriage. One can only guess why Bruce decided to do this. At least now the paparazzi have no explanation.

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