How fashion designer Vivienne Westwood won the heart of young student Andreas Kronthaler.

“I don’t need any monument. I just want to disappear ,” said the famous Vivienne Westwood . The cult fashion designer passed away at the age of 82. But she erected a monument to herself with her creativity. Vivien brought the punk style to fashion, and also gave women the opportunity to wear provocative and comfortable things. Rebel Westwood has built a stunning career in the fashion world. But she was also dizzy by love. Until her last days, Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler , her husband, were together. Their story is special. For a long time, the relationship between Vivien and Andreas was secret, but over time the whole world learned about them.

Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler

Vivienne Westwood was a woman of character . She always went her own way and did what she considered necessary. And this applies not only to professional or creative activities, but also to personal life. Westwood could have been condemned for her relationship with Kronthaler (many did this), but this did not stop the woman.

The fact is that when Vivien and Andreas met in the 80s, Westwood was a teacher and Kronthaler was a student . Vivienne came to Vienna to teach at the university. She had no idea that in one of the classrooms she would meet her future husband, who was 25 years younger than herself.

This is how Kronthaler remembers his first meeting with Vivien . “She was my professor. I clearly remember the first time she walked into the classroom. She wore overalls with a belt around her hips, and on her feet were wooden boots that clicked with every step. She had a magnifying glass in her hands. I was conquered . “ Vivien simply burst into Andreas’ world, and their first meeting was so vividly imprinted in his memory.

Westwood was not afraid of public condemnation, however, at first they were cautious with Andreas. They managed to fool everyone for a long time, although in Vienna the lovers spent almost all their free time together . They were united by a common passion for fashion, but not only that. Westwood expanded the horizons of her chosen one, making him fall in love with the history of European costume. And Kronthaler shared his thoughts with Vivien about modern fashion.

The couple visited theaters and exhibitions together. They did not want to be separated for a minute and could enjoy each other’s company day and night. At the same time, Vivien and Andreas did not bother each other . “We are very different, but at the same time we are one big whole ,” Kronthaler said about his relationship with Westwood.

Wedding and common cause

In 1992, Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler got married . They were inseparable until the famous rebel passed away. Over the years of their life together, the couple accomplished a lot. Andreas helped Vivienne develop her fashion empire, and she greatly valued his contribution. In honor of her beloved, Westwood even changed the name of the main line of her brand. It became known as Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood.

Vivien and Andreas did not compete, but, on the contrary, supported each other. Work brought them even closer together. When the lovers celebrated the 30th anniversary of their relationship in 2018, Andreas gave Vivienne a special gift . He dedicated a bright and revealing collection to his wife.

Kronthaler shared that he and Vivienne have different personalities. He is impetuous and impatient, while Vivien is more collected and organized . They were able to create successfully together because Kronthaler gave Westwood what she lacked, and vice versa.

“I can’t and don’t want to live without her ,” Kronthaler said earlier. Unfortunately, now a man will have to learn to do this – to live without his beloved. Rest in peace, fashion legend, Dame of the British Empire, punk diva!

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