The story of a 91-year-old model who was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

There is an opinion that models are in demand only while they are young. Here, as in sports, it is better to end your career on time so as not to spoil your impression of yourself. However, in recent years , older models have become more and more popular . There are famous representatives of the fashion industry who are over 80 or even 90 years old! We will now tell you about one of them, namely the model with the longest career. We are talking about CarmenDell’Orefice, a 91-year-old model who was included in the_Guinness_Book of Records.

Carmen Dell’Orefice on the recent cover of Vogue

Recently, Carmen Dell’Orefice once again shone on the cover of the rating edition of Vogue CS . Now the American model is 91 years old, but her career not only does not stop, but even vice versa: it is actively developing.

Carmen appeared on the cover in an interesting image. In addition, the celebrity gave an interview to the publication in which she commented on her path. The woman notes that now her photographs appear on magazine covers more often than when she was 20 years old .


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Carmen has been in the modeling industry for over 70 years. Now the woman is considered the model with the longest career. Dell’Orefice’s record did not go unnoticed – she was included in the Guinness Book of Records . However, things didn’t start out so rosy for Carmen.

How Carmen started

The fate of the famous model is a story about how rarely anything in life comes easy. Behind this lies hard work and many falls that could even break you. Carmen began her modeling career at a very young age. She was only 13 . However, that experience was terrible. The girl did not consider herself particularly talented, and the fashion industry as a whole did not attract Carmen. She worked so as not to starve and to somehow help her mother.

Dell’Orefice was born into a poor family. In addition, her parents divorced when the girl was still very young. So it turned out that essentially only the mother was involved in raising her daughter . My father was a musician and traveled a lot around the world. Financially, he did not catch stars from the sky, but he tried to help Carmen and her mother. This help was not enough. And the young girl lacked communication with her father. She recalls that sometimes she had to wait several years from meeting to meeting.

The future famous model recalls that she and her mother wandered around rented apartments and the girl almost never had her own bed . Carmen went to her first job on rollerblades. So she tried to save at least somehow, because she understood that she and her mother needed to pay at least for rent and the simplest groceries.

Already at the age of 15, Carmen appeared on the cover of Vogue. Some will say that this is an unprecedented success. However, Carmen was not delighted at all. The fact is that she considered the cover photo ugly and blamed the photographer for making a boy out of her.

Carmen could become a designer

Carmen Dell’Orefice never dreamed of becoming a model. She admits that everything happened by accident. “I became a model by accident. I didn’t even see anything glamorous about it. It was just a job that I did well in order to get money and help my mother at least a little ,” says Carmen.

The model recalls that her mother was engaged in patterns and sewed clothes to order on an old machine . This is where Carmen’s relationship with fashion began. By the way, due to lack of money, the car often ended up in a pawnshop. Fortunately, mother and daughter found funds to buy her.

Now Carmen says that if she had not become a model, she most likely could have been a designer . She admits that in her current work, she is most attracted to outfits, fittings – everything related to clothing.

What does Carmen Dell’Orefice have now?

After failures, Carmen did not give up. She continued to work. Carmen has now been in the industry for over 70 years. She collaborates with such famous brands as Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Salvador Dali and others.

Carmen has appeared on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair . The woman continues to work in the fashion industry today. She is also active in charity work and supports animal rights initiatives.

Do you find modeling work difficult, especially at an advanced age? Share your opinion in the comments.

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