How Pierce Brosnan stood up for his wife and responded to bullies who criticized her weight.

One of Hollywood’s most enduring partnerships is made up of Pierce_Brosnan and his wife_Keely_Shaye_Smith.They have been dating for about 30 years!If we’re talking about celebrities, this is a respectable period of time.However, you can’t tell from them that the couple’s candy-bouquet phase should have ended a long time ago.Their sparkling eyes twinkle with love.Brosnan is not afraid to publicly express his love for his wife.The wife of Pierce Brosnan also seemed to be happy with her chosen one after all these years.There are numerous admirers of the couple but no detractors.For instance, Keeley has endured blatant weight criticism.True, Pierce defended his wife and responded to crude naysayers.

How Pierce_Brosnan and Keely_Shaye_Smith first became romantically involved

In 1994, Pierce_Brosnan and Keely_Shaye_Smith met in Mexico.The actor_was_still_grieving_the_loss of_his_first_wife, Cassandra_Harris, at the time.The woman (who had ovarian cancer) passed away in 1991.Keeley recognized Pierce’s struggle and sympathized with him.She was really sympathetic and offered him support.Despite being present, she did not attempt to obtain the most significant position in the actor’s life.Pierce is incredibly appreciative of Keeley for this; he even referred to her as his North Star because she was always on his side and motivated him with her compassion and kindness.

Just days after meeting, Piers and Keeley went on their first date.They had a wonderfully lovely evening together, sitting under the stars while holding hands and talking until dawn.Even at that point, Brosnan and Smith recognized that this was not going to be a routine situation and that more should be anticipated.

Brosnan and Smith made the decision to exchange_vows_and_become husband and wife after dating for approximately_7_years.In 2001, a little wedding ceremony for the couple was held there.

How to maintain the feeling of being „newlyweds“ after 20 years of marriage

Piers and Keely have been dating for about 30 years and have been married for over 20 years, however they still behave as if they just got hitched.They frequently hold hands, embrace, and kiss one other.Being best friends with your spouse, in Keeley’s opinion, is essential for sustaining a successful, satisfying marriage.Everything is lost if you are not friends and your relationship is solely motivated by, say, passion.By the way, Brosnan and Smith were unaffected_by_the_ten-year gap either.

Along with their relationship, Brosnan and Smith collaborated on a number of projects.Together, they even created the Poisoned Paradise documentary, which explores the detrimental impacts of chemical pesticides on the Hawaiian environment.

Criticism of excess weight

From a prior marriage, Pierce Brosnan has three kids.With them, Keeley gets along well.Two sons, Dylan and Paris, are among the couple’s other kids.Keeley put on weight after the birth of her kids.And recently, as a result of this, the woman became the subject of vicious remarks from online trolls who started body shaming her.In order to show the alleged changes in the couple’s appearance over the past 30 years, the popular Facebook post included an old photograph of Brosnan and his wife from the 1990s with a more recent one.

Armchair Online trolls started making abusive comments about Keely’s appearance in the comments.For example, a woman has allowed herself to go.Brosnan didn’t dismiss these criticisms of his wife.He condemned disrespectful and impolite online conduct.

The actor felt compelled to defend his beloved even though the initial post had been removed: „Friends urged that she get_weight_loss_surgery.However, I_adore_every_curve in her_physique.In my opinion, she is the most gorgeous_woman, the actor declared.

Keeley maintains her composure and self-assurance despite any comments made regarding her weight.She stated in a 2006_Vogue_interview: „I have_never_been self-conscious about my figure.I never wear loose clothing to hide.Most likely, the woman’s confidence was greatly_influenced by her husband Pierce_Brosnan’s affection and constant support.

Keeley, keep going!Every person must, first and foremost, take care of himself and his body.What do you think, then?

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