How a girl’s dream of plump lips turned into hell.

27-year-old Jessica Burko had to face her worst nightmare. The girl dreamed of beautiful, plump lips, but in the end the situation got out of control. Jessica’s lips became huge when a simple_cosmetic_procedure went horribly wrong. And now the young woman has something to say to all those for whom lip augmentation, as it once was for her, is a cherished desire.


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Lip augmentation: maybe not necessary?

Jessica Burko, known online for TikTok, is no longer new to lip augmentation . She said she has had filler injections at least six times in the past. And she never had any adverse reactions.


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About a year had passed since her last procedure when an interesting event occurred. Jessica won a free procedure from a specialist. She was delighted then because she thought it was the perfect time to re-enlarge her lips.

In a TikTok video that went viral, a young woman shared: “Right after the technician gave me the injection, I looked_in_the_mirror and realized_how_swollen I_was . ” She later had to return to the specialist who administered the injection as the situation with her lips continued to worsen.


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So, Jessica_decided to return_to_the_clinic the next day to dissolve the filler . Her lips_grew to an unnatural_size.

The lesson the girl learned

Fortunately, specialists managed to fix everything. The girl’s lips quickly returned to their normal size . But this situation has given 27-year-old Jessica a lot to think about. The girl specifically shared her experience online in the hope that her troubles will serve as a warning to other women.

The main lesson that Jessica learned from the incident concerns free cosmetics . She noted: “I won a giveaway, it was on Halloween . ” She then humorously added, „The procedure definitely made me look very scary . “

The girl did not stop doing lip augmentation after this unpleasant story. However, now she takes a very_responsible_approach to choosing a specialist and medications.

It is likely that Jessica simply came across a careless specialist who can hardly be called a master of his craft. Because of this, the procedure did not go according to plan and the filler began to migrate in Jessica’s lips, “without a clear path to follow.”

Jessica Burko made sure that her important message was heard by other people. “If your lips look like mine did, you should be concerned . Immediately dissolve the drug and change the technician ,” the girl advises.

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