14 years ago a woman gave birth to 8 children at once. What do the children of the heroine mother look like now?

This woman gave birth to 8 children at once due to a medical error, but first things first. The relationship between Nadya Suleman and her husband went wrong in the early 2000s. The couple separated due to the fact that the woman could not bear and give birth to heirs on her own. Nadya was observed by a fertility specialist for 3 years.

Soon the woman decided to undergo IVF. Nadya gave birth to her first child in 2001, and soon the daughter of our today’s heroine was born.

Suleman, who dreamed of a big family, continued her treatment and became the mother of fraternal twins and two wonderful boys. The happy mother of 6 children decided not to stop there and again resorted to the IVF procedure.

For unknown reasons, the doctor implanted 6 embryos in Nadya, and then 6 more.

The woman signed the paper without looking, as she later admitted to reporters. Soon Nadya became the mother of 8 more children, who were born into this world at once. The guardianship authorities became interested in the single mother of many children. The authorities were sure that Nadya was not able to raise 14 children alone.

Suleman worked part-time as a model, appearing on the covers of dubious magazines and underwent a number of plastic surgeries. “I sleep little, I grab at any job. This is not what I dreamed of,” Nadya admitted.

Soon the mother of many children got a government job and even changed her name.

Despite all the difficulties, Nadya managed to feed and put 14 children on their feet. What do you think about this story?

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