This Is What Singer Madonna’s First Adopted Child Looks Like Now, 16 Years Ago

The endlessly popular American singer Madonna is also a caring and loving mother.

It should be noted that the renowned woman has four daughters and two boys of which a son and a daughter are biological and the other four children are adopted.

16 years ago, the star adopted a baby from Malawi, a country located in Southern Africa. The boy’s name is David.

David was adopted in October 2006 and is Madonna’s oldest non-biological child.

Like all of the singer’s children, David is also a talented boy and has devoted himself to football.

In 2017 he signed a contract with a junior football academy in Portugal.

Due to this contract, Madonna had to move with her son and buy a house in Portugal to live there.

When David was young, he had several health problems.

But being the son of such a celebrity, he found himself under medical supervision and got cured as soon as possible.

And now the young man who is a good football player is very healthy.

David is also a kind and smart teenager and he is very fond of his sisters and brothers.

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