A brave man with a kind heart saved the lives of more than thirty puppies

Bobby Humphrey’s favorite breed was the Rottweiler. In his life, the man had three Rottweilers and he laughed at anyone who kept small dogs.

After her 17-year marriage ended, Humphrey felt depressed.

But luckily, his friend Connie stood by his side and supported him through the darkest times of his life.

One day, Connie asked him to take in her Chihuahua called Lady for a few days, because she was going somewhere and couldn’t bring her dog back.
Lady was one of those little dogs that Bobby made fun of and he was also known for his somewhat hostile character.

But since Humphrey was very grateful to Connie for her support, he decided to take Lady in.

And Lady surprised him. The dog we thought was hostile immediately liked him and curled up in his lap like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Since Lady couldn’t stay with Humphrey forever and he knew the dog would eventually come back to live with his mistress, he decided to find his own pooch.

This is how he met Kira. A small, lively brown Chihuahua. Kira’s life has been full of complexity and he was like a small ball of rage.

But instead of giving him up and continuing to look for another dog, Humphrey decided to adopt him.

He was afraid that no one would ever take such an aggressive little dog, and he didn’t want her to end up alone.

Humphrey taught him to trust again and after a short time Bobby and Kira became good friends.

Kira was already a year old when Humphrey found him, and he wanted to raise a dog from an early age.

So after adopting Kira, he adopted a newborn puppy with his sister, because they were orphaned puppies who needed help.

And that’s how it all started. Humphrey found more and more Chihuahuas that needed help and he rescued them.

He founded his organization called Big Guy, Littles World Sanctuary. Now the number of rescued Chihuahuas has reached 30.

He welcomed all these dogs into his home. But that’s not all.

The kind-hearted man picked up other Chihuahuas too and took them to shelters with caring staff.

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