16 creations of a make-up artist from Serbia, in the hands of which each client becomes a real queen

Every girl has her own makeup preferences: some don’t wear makeup at all, others only use lipstick and mascara during the holidays, and still others prefer to use a full range of products every day. days.

Make-up artist Stefan Subotić, originally from Serbia, is obviously one of those who likes dramatic arrows, long lashes and a solid tone. In general, all those techniques that easily transform his clients and seem to turn them into new people.

But words can hardly convey the effect of Stefan’s work as well as pictures.

In bright colors

For arrow lovers

hollywood diva


Before and after

Festive look

Lip augmentation without surgery

Eye highlighting

A look for the bold

Transformation like in the movies

The heroine’s makeover isn’t just a favorite teen movie trope. Here are some examples of films showing the transformation of an ugly duckling into a magnificent swan.

Makeup can change your appearance and people’s attitude towards you. Here’s what a few girls told us about their examples.

erased a decade

If you also liked Stefan’s work, you can see some other models wearing his makeup here.

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