the most handsome man in the world has been named

Popular British artist for the television series Bridgertons. Ledger-Jean Page has a perfect face.

His portrayal of the Duke of Hastings in the Netflix historical drama has undoubtedly been a star in the entertainer’s career. The London-born actor was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award and is now also the most handsome man alive.

This is the conclusion reached by Julian de Silva, a renowned plastic surgeon, after a complex calculation using the Golden Ratio formula. According to his analysis, Rouget-Jean’s face corresponds to the ideal at 93.65%. Other well-known machos from the UK and Hollywood are also on the list of most attractive men.

Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, another Marvel hero with Australian roots, came in just behind Page with a score of 93.53%, while in third place is another dark-skinned actor, Michael B. Jordan, who was voted the most attractive man of all time with a score of 93.65%. The Black Panther, Creed: Legacy of Rocky and Creed 2 star scored 93.46%. He is followed by British singer and actor Harry Styles with just over 92%.

This new computer mapping technology allows us to understand a person’s physical beauty. This technology can also help patients plan their operation,” says Julian de Silva.

The orthopedic surgeon explained Reg-Jean Page’s victory. The dark-skinned Englishman has an impeccable facial structure.” The winner has a „classically handsome face and gorgeous brown eyes.“ The distance and location of the eyes from the face and the shape of the lips achieve the best results. The only part of the face that was slightly underestimated was the nose, its width and length,” a quoted expert said.

For now, the actor has few roles under his belt: besides The Bridgertons, he has appeared in films and television series such as Waterloo Bridge and The Chronicles of the Cities of Prey. However, with the recognition he has received, Page is likely to increase his filmography.

Reggae was born into a family of Anglican priests and nurses in Zimbabwe, who raised his other three children. He was accepted by the National Youth Theater Company and graduated from the London Drama Centre. Before working for television and cinema, he starred in several successful theater productions. Moreover, the Bridgerton actor would be one of the main contenders for the role of the new James Bond after the departure of Daniel Craig.

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