Ornella Muti once again stunned the audience

Ornella Muti conquered world cinema with her beauty. However, in addition to her beauty, she was also a talented and accomplished actress. This made Muti an icon in the world of cinema. However, the fans do not hide their admiration. After all, Muti’s unique appearance left no one indifferent.

It should be noted that Ornella Muti has already managed to maintain her beauty and figure despite being 67 years old. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plastic surgeries or beauty treatments. But the work is done with precision.

That is why Muti surprises and delights the audience with his speeches and snatches nothing but compliments from them. But many believe that it is not only plastic surgery, but also Photoshop.

And if you strip away all the effects and wash off the makeup, Mooty looks like an ordinary aunt.

But what about the sparkle in his eyes, his seductive smile, his unique energy? This is something a photo editor cannot do.

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