64-year-old mother looks her daughter’s age, but without any plastic surgery

Angela Paul has lived in California for a long time. The woman recently turned 64, but she looks much younger than her age.

When Angela is next to her daughter, strangers take them for sisters, although her daughter is 34 years old.

Angela often shares her photos on social networks, and her fans admire her appearance very much.

But there are people who believe that the woman underwent plastic surgery.

In reality, women are against all kinds of plastic surgeries.

And her perpetual youth comes from a long effort during which she worked her body and her mind.

At the age of 16, she began her modeling career.

The woman was 30 years old when her daughter came into the world and after her birth she quit her modeling job to take care of her family.

But at 36, doctors gave her an evaluation for lupus, an autoimmune condition that has completely changed her lifestyle.

The woman changed her food, she ate vegetables, fish and seafood.

And she started taking care of sports and meditation.

„Genetics of course have a big role, but the way of life that one leads is much more important“, says Angela and adds that it is especially necessary to lead a balanced lifestyle from youth.

According to Angela, dancing also plays a big role in staying young. She has practiced Zumba since she was a child.

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