This world champion built a village for needy families with prize money

Manny Pacquiao, real name Emmanuel Dapidran, is a really rich man because he has a heart of gold.

Manny spent his childhood in a Filipino village. His native village, Tango, is in Sarangani, the country’s poorest province.

His family lived in need. Sometimes she didn’t even have a little rice to cook something to eat.

Their diet consisted of vegetables and bananas.

Then his parents managed to open a small bakery.

At twelve, the boy left school to support his family.

And he started selling donuts in the streets.

But his firm will and his desire to overcome poverty, took him to the pinnacle of glory.

The boy started boxing. His first coach was his uncle.

Every day, he got up early in the morning to go for a run. The boy managed to wait for his goal.

Today, Pacquiao is the only boxer worldwide who has won the world championship in eight different categories.

Despite his glorious life, the sportsman has not forgotten his childhood and his native village.

With his prize money, the boxer set about building houses for the villagers.

Pacquiao still does not stop and currently, several families live in brand new houses built by Manny Pacquiao.

Each of the houses is planned for two families and has two separate entrances.

In the new village there are also playgrounds for different sports, a public park and a multifunctional center.

This kind-hearted man is also known as an actor and political scientist.

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