Watch how Kevin Costner’s eldest daughter grew up (photos)

The actress heiress has been deprived of what matters most.

Kevin Costner not only has time to act in films, but also to raise his seven children. The actor first became a father in 1984. His first wife, Cynthia Silva, gave birth to a daughter, Anne.

The eldest daughter of the artist has become a real beauty: she inherited all her virtues from her parents.

Among other things, Anne decided to follow in her father’s footsteps. The celebrity could have become a professional athlete, but she chose the cinema.

But it is impossible to repeat the success of his parents. Filmography Anne has about 11 projects. The role of the brilliant heiress did not happen, at a time when many blamed Costner.

There is no doubt that he could have helped Anne solidify her position in the film industry. However, the Hollywood star did not see fit to promote her daughter, and as a result, the girl had to forget about her dream of becoming a popular actress. The celebrity then decided to devote himself to his family. It is known that she got married in 2016.

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