She took rolls of plastic wrap and made a cozy tent

A hiker went to rest in the forest, and to spend the night there she made a comfortable tent with her own hands.

The construction of this transparent “house” only lasted twenty minutes.

Watching the video, we understand that it was not the first time that she had built such a shelter.

Arriving in the forest, the young woman just brought strips of plastic and used them to make a tent.

The summer visitor installed a camera and filmed all her task, then she shared her experience on the Internet, because at night, for walkers, shelter is necessary.

To set up her future tent using the rolls of film, the girl chose a place with four trees growing parallel.

First, she made the first layers that should serve as bases for the whole structure.

Using these layers, she continued to develop her idea.

And for the walls, few strips were needed, because the walls do not support the weight of a person, but they are to protect against rain and wind.

The work was quickly finished and, as we have already said, lasted only twenty minutes.

The height of this particular tent, made of cellophane, reached one meter, and it was as convenient as an ordinary aunt.

And on one side, there was a little door to get inside.

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