she doesn’t even intend to lose weight

Amalia Jennings is a warm and happily married woman. She has no intention of losing weight!

Amalia Jennings has been overweight since childhood. She was often teased and bullied at school. She was crying, depressed, and food was stressful.

As a result, the plump girl grew fatter and fatter. As a teenager, she constantly surfs the Internet. WW brought him happiness.

Amalia and Sean corresponded online for a year and found many common themes.

Sean knew Amalia had a weight problem, but he didn’t care. They talked late at night and both found happiness.

They met and realized it was fate. Sean gave Amalia a bouquet of flowers and it was a very romantic evening.

She remembers in tears that it was her first flower. They quickly got married. However, the celebrations were overshadowed by the fact that Sean’s father was unhappy with his son’s choice and lost contact with him.

Amalia had no intention of losing weight. She didn’t want to worry about starvation or diets.

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