The woman who is completely covered in pictures, shared photos where she is without tattoos

Nowadays, tattooing has become very popular among both sexes. UK-born Becky Holt has become a tattooed celebrity.

She states that she has more tattoos than any person.

According to Becki, 95 percent of her body is covered in drawings.

She says she spared her face and torso a bit and other areas of her body were absolutely covered in tattoos.

But it’s hard to guess how the pictures are on the parts that the girl doesn’t show.

Thanks to her almost completely tattooed body, the girl became popular in her city and in social networks. And she shares her experience with her followers.

Tattoo admirers can count the money she spent on her body.

But Becky does not hide the amount spent on painting her body, which reaches 35,000 euros.

First, the girl got a tattoo on her arm. It was a flower in memory of her adorable grandmother.

Becky explains that the first tattoos were only sketches. For example, on the body are the lyrics of the songs.

And gradually the patterns were developed and almost covered the whole body, even the face.

Becky, who is completely covered in images, has published old photos where she presents herself without tattoos.

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