God of creativity. The idea of ​​the Japanese father who shoots his babies’ photos and it’s amazing

Children will probably be a little ashamed of the result of these photos.

If you ask the child what he would receive from the hands of his parents in childhood, most likely it will be a camera.

Some loving parents can only perpetuate every precious moment in their children’s lives.

And while we appreciate the memories these photos represent, we can’t understand why our parents decided to capture certain points forever.

Children will probably be a little ashamed of the result of these photos, but this does not apply to children Yota-nickname in social networks.

This Japanese father of two is the epitome of a creative parent who makes sure the family album is never boring.

In his personal album you will not find photos of the baby in a bath or on a potty.

Yota prefers to place his children in surreal fabulous scenarios, hand-drawing illustrations in simple photographs.

Who are now 1 and 3 years old, they live exciting adventures and become fascinating characters in pop culture, without even knowing it.

Dad has been sharing enhanced photos of his kids on Instagram since 2016 and came up with several rather amazing and unique ideas.

So grab the camera, minimalist background, lovely kids and add sketches to this to become the best dad of the year!

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