The man couldn’t believe his eyes when he found this while renovating the house

The couple bought a house built in 1940. After a few years, the new owners decided to rebuild their house.

So, in the basement, the man found a green lunch box that was hidden inside the ceiling, stuck in the old slats.

He took the suitcase to the yard and called his wife to open it together. The container was not heavy.

And when the spouses opened it, the contents left them absolutely amazed. They revealed several packages wrapped in waxed paper.

It was money. Some banknotes were rarer than others, some had practically not circulated.

All banknotes dated from 1928-1934.

According to American law, the money belonged to this family.

After settling the legal issues, the man posted a series of photos on the internet.

The posting of the story with this find went very viral.

At the time, the couple was struggling to pay off their mortgage, so this money was a huge and unexpected help.

A week later, the owner returned to renovating his basement, as he had already remodeled the first and second floors of the house.

The ceiling of the basement had to be removed, along with the thick layers of dust that had accumulated over the years.

And what luck! The man found a second box. This one was twice as heavy as the first one.

„My wife was at work when I found the second suitcase, so I decided to wait until she got home to open it,“ the lucky man shared.

Yet another lunch box full of cash. And this time too, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

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