Kassel shows off his 25-year-old model wife

French actor Vincent Cassel, 55, showed off his 25-year-old wife. Networks have started comparing star power.

Monica Bellucci’s fans, who can’t come to terms with the star couple’s split, are criticizing Tina Kunakey’s appearance.

“Certainly not up to Bellucci”, “What a beauty”, “What a classy woman”, “And Cassel has great taste for women”, “Bellucci was not near her”, “She is like a statue”.

An impeccable woman”, “I never tire of her beauty”, “like a grandfather with his granddaughter”, “the age difference is dazzling”, “she is more glamorous than Bellucci”.

“It’s interesting to see them together,” said a user. Share your thoughts in the discussion that follows our article.

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