Girl Hasn’t Cut Her Hair In 29 Years And This Is What She Looks Like Now

Aliona Kravchenko is the real Rapunzel from the popular fairy tale!

Her name is Rapunzel. The 34-year-old has been growing her hair since the age of five and now has more than 180cm.

You can see that even when braided tight, her hair goes all the way down to her heels.

Ariana herself loves her natural “adornment”. Of course, hair of this length requires special care.

She uses moisturizers and twice a year she gently combs the ends of her hair to keep it healthy.

A lot of time is spent on hygiene, washing and grooming.

For example, it takes him over an hour just to wash his hair.

Modern girls often do not have time to devote so much time to hair care.

Alyona admits that her unusually long hair constantly attracts attention, especially from the fair sex.

She even received unexpected marriage proposals, which she usually doesn’t care about.

I agree that it is incredibly impressive.

Luxury braids, how do you like them?

Ariana usually does her hair like this.

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