Little children’s relationships are fun: they love each other so much that they hug and kiss each other

Small children are quite different from adults. And the relationships between them are often fun.

When they love each other, they don’t hide their feelings. Babies can hug and kiss.

The little ones perceive their existence at 5 to 6 months. They begin to understand the difference between their parents, relatives and strangers.

They distinguish their peers and act differently with them.

At this age, babies are bonded to members of their families and caregivers and want to be with them always.

Little ones express their feelings by smiling, laughing or whining and they do so very often.

When babies have not yet learned to speak, they communicate with particular sounds, such as gaga or baba. But they are very creative and can invent other „words“ too!

Around this age, these lovable creatures try to move their bodies to get around.

They manage to already grasp objects and put them in their mouths or play by moving them from one hand to the other.

They know things not only by looking, but also by touching and tasting them.

And gradually they begin to eat solid food.

So look how the little ones love each other! Their relationships are great fun. They are so cute!

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