Brosnan portraying Bond changed beyond recognition

The iconic James Bond surprised his fans with his aged and wrinkled appearance!

The iconic Bond image brilliantly portrayed by legendary and eminent actor P. Brosnan has managed to hit our screens in four films.

His last role was in “Another Day” in 2002, after which he excelled in a large number of other films and projects.

In addition, this year a new film “The Mermaid and the King’s Daughter” was released, performed by the iconic actor, where he played the role of King Louis XIV. Many rushed to claim that he looked simply unrecognizable in the film and that no trace of the old, sadly, Bond was left behind.

Fans of the movie legend clearly noticed the deep wrinkles, creases and other age-related changes on his face.

Are you a Bond fan? Do you think he has changed beyond recognition?


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